My life is what it is because someone else died

A good friend of mine started a new job this week. The offer was for a temporary position, but things changed.
The planned start date for his new job was next week, but things changed.

His temporary job became a full time job, and he started a few days early because a person his department died in a car accident.

That news hit me like a ton of bricks…
Someone had to die, so he could have a full time job….

Truth be told that is true for me too! Someone had to die so i could have my current full time job.

I work in full time Christian Ministry. I work in this ministry because someone died in my place.
Jesus Christ died, and took upon himself all my sin, and because of that i now work in full time Christian Ministry.

I would not have this job if not for the death of Jesus, the Christ.

Moments like this make me think of what my life would be like with our Christ.

I would not be married to Stephanie if i wasn’t a Christian. I meet her at Church.

I would not have my daughter Kate if i wasn’t a Christian because we adopted here through the State of Texas, as foster parents. A choice we made because of the call to care for orphans clearly presented in the bible.

My life is what it is because someone else died.

what about you?
Did someone have to die so you could be where you are?


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