The Theology of Compromise

Since 1996, when i was first called by the Lord Jesus, i have gone through many theological changes. For those who know me well, you know what those changes have cost me, and how they have effected all areas of my life.

i find myself at another interesting point in my theological journey.
One i can only call compromise. i mean that is a positive way, not in a sinful way (i hope).

I have been asking myself, what theological/doctrinal positions can i set aside for the sake of unity in the body, and in local ministry.

This question is a difficult one because often the theological/doctrinal positions people hold define the very God they serve.

yes, yes, i can hear it now the voice of the old man at a conference i was at once only a few years ago with a friend… “Doctrine divides brother.. you don’t need no Doctrine.. doctrine divides..”

That old man was correct, but i don’t think his conclusion was correct.

Doctrine is the thing that defines who and what we believe in. Without it, we are all left to our own individual interpretations of the bible, and that can be dangerous. This kind of individualistic approach to the bible can lead to terrible things. I often think how easy, and simplistic of a mistake was made by a man like Charles Taze Russell. Look at what a tragedy came from that “Bible” teaching.

The study of the Bible, and the definition of doctrines and theological positions is a high calling, one that needs checks and balances.

back to point.

What things can be set aside…. and what things can’t..
What do you do when you find your self serving along side brothers and sisters who hold to doctrinal positions that appear foundationally different then your own?

these are hard questions for me. i must pray… Pray and ask the Lord who spoke the words of John 17 to give me wisdom on this issue of compromise and unity.


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