Prayer, corrected my theology.

Recently I was asked by a close friend to pray for a sick family member that I had never meet. Later, as I began to pray I found myself at a loss for “what” to pray.  Again, because i had never meet this person, nor was i really sure what the problem was i had no clue what to pray.

Never the less, I prayed.

As I did, the Lord reminded me who HE is.

I was reminded that even though I don’t know the person nor his or her need, GOD DOES! And then my prayer turn more to a praise, and “cheering Him on” kind of thing. I prayed with a confidence knowing that God, the  Omnipotent, Omnipresent, GOD was able to heal, comfort and guide, this person because HE knew them intimately like a father.

With that perspective I saw prayer as a an opportunity to “partner” with God in his perfect will and work.

Prayer allows us to partner with God in HIS powerful, omnipotent, omnipresent work! What a privilege! What a gift, WHAT GRACE!

Prayer is not MY work, it’s God’s work being “cheered on” by me, and you.

Who will you “partner with God” in Prayer for today?


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