Honey, they love us.

Last night, after watching a great holiday movie, I said.. “honey, they love us”… the words, and the reality of that statement shocked me. Our kids love us! Why would “the boy” love me? why does he cry when i leave the house? why does he ask for me when he wakes up? Why does he want to eat dry toast (like his daddy) when he has fresh banana and grapes on his plate? Why does he love me?

Why would “the girl” love me? why does her face light up when she looks at me? why does she hug me for hours… just because. Why does she want to dance with me? Why does she love me?

before you say.. “because they are your kids” let me remind you. that a year ago these two wonderful children didn’t even know I existed. And in less then a year, they trust me, they love me, they need me.

i didn’t earn this love. Honestly i didn’t even expect it. But none the less it came. LOVE from two little children.

Love came to me.

What a great day!


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