great night with the kids.

I just had a great night with the kids.
Stephanie had some time out with “moms” at Fort Worth PCA, so I was alone with the kids.

we had a GREAT NIGHT! we finished eating. (yummy)
Sang songs (mostly me, but they watched and danced a little)
I washed dishes (actually fun)
the Kids played… and DIDN’T FIGHT! in fact they kind of shared the “register” toy. (WOW)

after lots of playing, the boy went to bed… some crying.. but I don’t blame him we where having lots of fun!
While the boy and I worked on going to sleep “the girl” watched “Learning about Letter” a sesame street video.
After that was over.
she hoped up. we walked to the bedroom holding hands and change in to pj’s prayed, and went to bed. no fussing. SUPER EASY!
I am telling you. Nights like this are TOO MUCH FUN!


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