She cried when I left….

This morning as I left for work I said bye bye sweetie (to my daughter) and she looked at me.. and stood there…
I said “Daddy is going to work”… but no reaction.

I walked out the door but forgot to get something so I had to go back in the house.

When I walked in the door my daughter ran to me and jumped in my arms. And I held her as I got the rest of my stuff. .

I put here down and she went on playing and I walked out the door.

Later Stephanie called me on the phone and said after I left she played for a little while then looked over at the door and started to cry.

She missed me!! I can’t believe it…
She likes me… she really likes me!

I am so blessed to have these kids in my life. I hope they become our “forever” kids, but there may come a day when she is gone from our house forever.

On that day I will cry when she leaves…


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